Monday, 23 September 2013

Where Has The Time Gone

Okay, will someone please tell me where the time has gone. I decided to take a short break from writing on my blog, because frankly I've got a bit boring since being in Dubai. What I mean is, my passion for food and eating is still there, but what I've been eating has become boring. I've always enjoyed a great curry, but since I've been in Dubai it's got so bad that it's nearly all that I am eating. There is such a large India, Pakistani, S.E Asian community here the ingredients are so easy to get hold of and it is so much cheaper than other foods why wouldn't I take advantage of it.

Masala Dosa with Light Curry Sauce
Also petrol is so cheap here that everything can be delivered, from medicine, to bottled water and my downfall DOSA's. These are pancakes served with a “gravy” and I don't mean Bisto :-). The “gravy” tends to be a light curry sauce, sometimes with vegetables but mostly just lentils. These are actually normally eaten at breakfast, but you can get Masala Dosa's which are the pancakes filled with potato curry and when only 8AED (dirhams), about £1.10, it's very hard not to eat them every lunchtime, it's cheaper than a sandwich and much tastier. I will talk about these in another post as this paragraph cannot do them justice.

Fresh Gamboge

Dried Gamboge
Even though I've been eating a lot of curries, I have been introduced to some new ingredients and recipes, like gamboge, a fruit, from Indonesia and Kerala in India, that is dried and then added to a curry to make the sauce sour, like tamarind. I've actual found a tamarind stock cube that can give a flavoursome twist on a lamb stew. I've been introduced to a wonderful Filipino recipe called adobo, which can be made with chicken or pork, although my first attempt to make the dish was disgusting, but with more practice I'll get there. It's made with vinegar and my mistake was to stir the dish and apparently once you add the vinegar you shouldn't stir it – guess more practice is needed.

Chicken Adobo
I have also been eating out a lot and some good and not so good restaurants. In Dubai they have a thing called Friday brunch. Where the restaurants serve mostly buffet style food at a standard price, with or without alcohol. This is another of my downfalls – If you talk to people they go for a brunch maybe once every 6-8 weeks. I've now been five weeks in a row. It's a great way to try a vast array of foods and flavours.

When people first move to Dubai, they say you get the Dubai Stone, which means that you put on a stone in weight (14lbs or 6.3kg) in your first month and I certainly did that. With all these brunches and curries I'm having to train about 5 times a week at the gym, otherwise I would be a lot bigger than I am now and would be very unhealthy. It's a small price to pay to allow me to stuff my face on some great new foods.

Sandwiches At The Burj Al Arab

Friend and Cakes at The Burj
I have also been doing a lot of reading and below are some links of recipes and websites I've been looking at and hopefully you'll enjoy them also. As these are external links I do not have any jurisdiction over them I just read them as I found them interesting, so don't blame me if you don't like them. :-).

But as I said at the beginning, where has the time gone and I'll have to get my act together and start blogging again.

Happy Eating......

and one of my favourites -