Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Beagle in Hoxton, London

I am flying into London for a short visit on Saturday 1 June and I am really excited because we are going to a new restaurant, that I've never been to before called The Beagle. The reason for the excitement is I love the look of some of the dishes on the menu

Pigs Head Croquette with Aioli
Cuttlefish and Fennel (one of my favourite vegetables) Stew
Rabbit Loin with Beetroot and Butter Bean.

Now to me that sounds great it reminds me of one of my favourite restaurants called The Giaconda Dining Room, you can read a review here.

The as you scroll down to the drinks menu you also see some very interesting drinks.

Bloody Mary, Chorizo infused Vodka
Pine infused gin (not to sure about that, but will give it a go)

Fingers crossed it lives up to it's promise

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Petra said...

sounds good, enjoy Giaconda!