Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lovely Curry - Shame About The Pictures

Full Plate

I am staying in a hotel/apartment called Coral Al Khooray and below the hotel is a lovely, if grubby looking Pakistani restaurant, called Kebab Roll. I have eaten there before and the food was great and full of flavour as you would imagine for a Pakistani restaurant. The other day, I was being very lazy and I could not be bothered to get in the lift, go down four floors, walk about 50 steps and come back up, so I got them to deliver and it still took over 50 minutes :-)

The food was absolutely delicious and perfect for my hangover. I as planning to write up a positive review but when I saw the pictures I thought how the hell can I make this food sound great when it looks so awful. As you can see, the food doesn't look appetising what so ever. Even while I was putting it on my plate I thought it looked awful and was reluctant to eat it,. The dhal mash looks like ants egg mixed in turmeric. The spinach looks like green slim from the sewer and I'm sorry to say the mutton dish looks like something you might tread in. The only saving grace was the chicken wings, not much could go wrong with that.

Ants Eggs in Turmeric - Or Dhal Mash

But as the saying goes “Don’t judge a book by it's cover”.The food was very well cooked, if a little much ghee for my liking. The lentil in the dhal mash (cooked with garlic and onions), were firm and cooked well. The Qeema Mirchi (mutton mince with onions, peppers and tomatoes) had some great spices with a hint of ginger and the sarson ka saag (spinach dish with blended mustard leaves, ginger and green chillies) had the biggest kick of chilli that it made me sweat. Overall a very tasty and enjoyable food, just a shame the pictures didn't do it justice.

Sewer Slim Spinach - Or Sarson Ka Saag

What do you think.....????

I Didn't Tread In It - Queema Mirchi


Marmaduke Scarlet said...

I think you're being far too harsh on yourself! You've just got the lighting a little bit wrong . . . and the proof as they say is in the pudding. I was going to have a stirfry tonight and now I want curry and dal!

Petra said...

It looks fine, was just thinking of food and would happily have some of it now! :)
Am off to Giaconda Dining Room for lunch today, my last Christmas lunch before Christmas!

Donkey said...

Marmaduke - I kept it dark so you didn't see it's full impact :-)

Petra - gggrrr very jealous about Giaconda Dining Room - must let me know how it goes - as if I didn't alread :-)