Saturday, 1 December 2012

Apologies From Dubai

Hammour and Tomato and Mushroom Cous Cous

I cannot believe that it has been a month since my last entry, I had not realised it was so long since I added an entry. I wouldn't mind if I I didn't have so much to write about, but I've gathered a lot material in the last four weeks whilst I've been in Dubai. The big problem is getting time and the energy to write it all up. In fact since being in Dubai all sort of things that was common in the UK has gone out of the window. My exercise regime is almost dead and I've got to train for my first ever marathon in April – not sure how that is going to pan out. My healthier style of eating has taken a real battering. At least I've not succumbed, like a lot of ex-pats, and that is going out to cheap restaurants, which there are a lot of in Dubai. I have tried a few and they do produce really flavoursome food, but it's full of salt, cream and saturate fat to name an few items.
Baby Squid
I guess I am lucky because I find cooking a way of relaxing and I have managed to come up some wonderful, flavoursome and tasty recipes, like Nile Perch and beans stew, Chorizo and Pepper pasta and my dinner last night slow cooked lamb and potato curry to name a few. One thing that I have found strange is trying to cook for 1 and in fact I've given up and I am still cooking for four. It just means I've got enough for dinner the next night and something apart from sandwiches for lunch when at work. In fact I've started taking food into work to a colleague, who is from the Philippines and is not use to Western style food, but it appears she is enjoying every much – or it could be she is just being polite :-) I've also got no measuring equipment so most of it is guess work and I'm not really sure how write it up because I want people to try these recipes. I can hear you say buy some, but I don't know how much longer I'll be in Dubai and I hate to be part of that throw away culture. If I leave soon with no one to pass the equipment on to I will not be happy about throwing it in the bin.

Cheese (of course!)
I've also been lucky to go to some great restaurants, Alma a Momo a superb Moroccan restaurant in the Mall of the Emirates. A Friday Brunch at the Mayden Hotel, whilst not the best brunch I've experienced over the years, it provided a great variety of food with excellent service. In Dubai, Friday is the first day of the week and Friday brunch is very popular. A lot of the hotels do a buffet style brunch at different prices, normally regarding if you drink or not. Over the years I've been to many and they serve excellent quality with a grand array of food, due to the amount of different nationalities they have to cater for.
So please bear with me and I apologies for my lack of posts which hopefully in the next few days I will rectify. In this post are some pictures of the foods I've been lucky to experience and make.

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