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Khan Murjan - Restaurant Review - Dubai

Khan Murjan

Today is Saturday, but it feels very odd, because the weekend in Dubai is over and we go to work on Sunday and I am actually getting my days confused, because it's feel like a Sunday to me. When I logged onto my computer just now I was expecting to see the news for Sunday and did a Homer Simpson's “D'OH” when I realised what was going on.

This morning I was up very early to go for a run, as I'm training to do the Brighton Marathon and did my first street run here and to say it was a struggle was an understatement. I was hoping to do at least 10km, but managed about only 5km, it's was so hot I could barely breath by the time I finished. But after a quick dip in the sea and a gentle cool down swimming myself and some friends went to a mall called Wafi as we went to go to a middle eastern restaurant called Khan Murjan. My friend, Hany said that it serves some of the best middle eastern food in Dubai and he wasn't wrong. The food was amazing with a wonderful array of dishes, from Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, Egyptian and the Emirates.

If you click on the dishes that are highlighted it will go to Wikipedia for details of what each dish is made of and it's origins.

Very Fresh Bread
As there was a large selection of starters we decided to have a kind of meze so that we could all share and taste. To be honest is all we should have ordered, as we ordered far to much, but were all very pleased when they said they did “doggy bags” (food to take away). But we were all very hungry and at the time and it didn't seem that much. For the starters we ordered Kebbe Kras, Fatoush Linban, Tabouleh Zaman, Hommous Bethena, Taktouka Morocco, Roasted Zuccini (courgette) with yoghurt, Chard with Beans and some fresh flat bread. All the ingredients were fresh and each dish were very well prepared and incredibly tasty. It was so tasty it was hard not to keep eating it, but we forced ourselves to stop so that we could enjoy our main course.
Meze - Selection of Starters
We realised we had ordered a little too much (now I realised that was a complete understatement) so we didn't order much rice and bread for our main courses. The restaurant noticed this and delivered us some chips instead. I guess they thought seeing as we were westerners that is what we would like. A nice gesture, but personally I didn't want chips as I wanted to stay as traditional as possible and actually none of us eat them, not sure if it was consciously or not. For our mains and the star of the whole meal was a whole white fish, called Hammour, which they cut in half, de-boned and then BBQ it. It was divine and the flesh light and fresh with a delicate flavour. It had been topped with some delicate herbs and spices. I ordered a chicken tagine, which was served with olives and preserved lemons. The chicken was little dry, but the spices in the sauce with olives and lemons complimented the meat perfectly and was very good. The last dish was shishbarak, which I didn't like very much, as I found it heavy, but the lamb mince had been cooked with cumin and coriander, like the kebbe and was good.

The absolutely delicious Hammour
The restaurant was light, bright with lots of room between tables, always a positive in my eyes. The staff were polite (mostly), attentive and explained in detail about the food and were the recipe had originated from. They don't serve alcohol, which was a first for most of two of the people on our table as they never go to restaurants that doesn't serve alcohol. But they served lovely fresh juice drinks, which dare I say, had a lot more flavour than the fruit in the UK. My friends all had lemon and mint and I opted for carrot and apple, each fresh and the lemon and mint was very sharp but very enjoyable.

Shish Barak
If you are every in Dubai and want to be gently introduced to middle eastern food, than I highly recommend this restaurant. All the dishes are laid out, so you can actually go and see them and the chefs or waiters will explain how they are made etc. I have a feeling this could become a very popular restaurant whilst I am out here.

Chicken Tagine - Spoilt by adding the chips, which I didn't ask for


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