Monday, 22 October 2012

A Pleasant Day

The last post I was moaning about having a “crap” day at work, and when there is a ying today was the yang, I had the good day with some lovely surprises.

The first good thing to happen was the issues we'd been having at work are now sorted. So my boss is happy, the client will be happy, which makes me happy, which means I don't moan to the software vendors and that makes them happy. Considering they have been at work for almost 48 hour solidly without any sleep I think they are going to be VERY happy.

At lunchtime I went to a new supermarket near where I work and they had a pork counter. Apologies if sounding insensitive but I have really been missing pork. I was lucky to go to a hotel last Saturday for breakfast that had a pork section, so I pigged out (excuse the pun) on lots of sausages and black pudding. My work colleague came up to me in the shop and I was actually jumping with joy I was that excited – sad I know. Pork is available in Dubai, but it's not sold in many shops for obvious reasons, for which I respect. But I've found a place on my door step – so guess whose having a bacon sandwich at the weekend....again, apologies for being insensitive.

Guess What This Is
The next thing was a surprise, I was introduced to a fruit that I have never used and had only tried a couple of times. In fact when I saw it I didn't have a clue what it is was. My work colleague came up to me and said that she has just seen something that looked like ginger, I asked if it was galangal, but she didn't know if it was. So she went over to this table, where other work colleagues were having lunch, and brought over this pod over, which I could see why she thought it looked like ginger, but it wasn't – I'm going to write about the fruit later in the week, but in the mean time can you guess what it is????

The next nice thing to happen was when I got back to my apartment the receptionist brought up two parcels from a very good friend in England who thought I might need them. One was a box of dried falafel mixture, he thought I might need them if I wanted a midnight snake. I think that was his attempt at being funny knowing that I'm in the middle east, it wasn't, but it did bring a very large smile to my face. He also knows that I have a very small kitchen with very little equipment, so he also sent over two small cookery books, called Cooking in a Bedsitter, which was first published in 1963, which is just older than me (and not comments thank you). Who would have thought that a book that old would be very appropriate to my needs today. The other book is 101 One-Pot Dishes, Tried and Tested Recipes by the BBC Good Food magazine, again very helpful as I've only got one big saucepan. So a BIG thank you to my friend Jeff as that now means I've got lots of recipes to make with very little equipment. But, there is a downside to this, I've no longer got an excuse to write moaning about my kitchen, but I do now have material to write more recipes and dishes on my blog so maybe not that much of a downer :-)

PS Don't forget to guess what the spice is

PPS Apologies for the quality of the pictures, I still don't have my camera

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