Thursday, 13 September 2012

Winterfeld - Berlin Restaurant Review


Last weekend I went to Berlin with some friends, a great city with lots of history and culture with some wonderfully bars and restaurants. When I'm away on holiday I always plan to write reviews on restaurants and other food related things that happen. But every time I take my tablet pc or my iPhone out and start writing I stop as I think why am I doing this because I’m on holiday, so end up stop writing. This time I decided to make notes and write it up when I get home and even then it's struggle as it's feels so long ago when I had the meal. I prefer to write things up the day after the event or recipe as it feel more genuine rather than writing it up week(s) later.

I've been going to Berlin, every year, around September, for the last 7 years and we have been to this restaurant before. As the food has always been good, we decided to make a special trip and thought it deserves a review. It's an Italian restaurant with a tasty menu, with the usual fare of pizzas, pastas, meat and fish, but unlike some “tourist” restaurant the food is very well cooked and wonderfully presented. A “tourist” restaurant is one of those places that is located in area that has a large amount of tourist, they charge a fortune for very poor food and service. We've all been to one of them and we we've all regretted going to them, but it seemed like the best choice at the time.

Penne with Veal Stew
There were five of us, so we got to try four different main courses and we were all more than satisfied. I started with linguine with shrimps in a spicy tomato sauce, they were not shrimps but king prawns and were cooked perfectly. The spicy sauce was light with some sweet cherry tomatoes cut in half. Stuart ordered penne with a veal stew, which was rich and warming which was perfect as it was a little chilly sitting outside, which we did. Hal had grilled chicken breast with fried wild mushrooms and herb butter with rosemary potatoes. The chicken was grilled almost to perfection, it was moist and firm, although the potatoes were a bit greasy. Malcolm had a grilled chicken breast salad with a light honey, mustard and thyme dressing. Again the chicken had been grilled perfectly, the salad was fresh and crisp and they didn't drown the salad in the dressing which was light and not overpowering.

Shrimp Linguine
I was still a little peckish and so ordered a Tiramisu. I love this dessert but it's so easy to get it wrong, cheap cream, bitter chocolate and no masala can ruin this dish. Luckily for me it was beautifully presented and tasted as good as it looked. The cream was light, the coffee and masala didn't sink the dish with too strong a flavours. It was served with a lemon and strawberry coulis with red currents and physalis which complimented balanced the sweet tiramisu with some sharpness.

Grilled Chicken with Fried Wild Mushroom with Herb Butter
If you are ever in Winterfeldstrasse you should give this place a go. They also do a four course meal in the evening for 35€ (as of 6th Sept 2012 and this might change). We have always enjoyed this restaurant and will keep on coming back as it's been consistent over the years.

Grilled Chicken Salad
The downside of sitting outside are the wasps which are very prevalent in Berlin, but that's hardly the restaurant fault.

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