Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Thomas Cubitt - Restaurant Review

Roast Beef
I've never seen myself as a typical Englishman, although I can't complain properly, I like to moan a lot, talk incessantly about the weather and I'm big on manners. But there is one thing that remind me more than anything that I am typical English and that is a roastie – a roast dinner if you didn't get it. A very good friend use to call me Mr Les Rosbifs when she wanted to pull my leg, but I took with great pride, as there is nothing much better than a roast dinner on a Sunday or any night for that matter.

Why is it then, it's very hard to get a great roast dinner in restaurants. Most time the meat is well cooked, the vegetables are fresh and crunchy, but the roast potatoes just don't cut the mustard. In fact over many years I no longer order a roast dinner because it never lives up to a home made roastie For some unknown reason I broke my rule and still wish I hadn't

After spending three hours standing in Hyde Park on a very wet Sunday morning, marshalling 1000 runners doing the British Heart Foundation Job 2012. I met a friend and we walked to Belgavria and went to a restaurant called Thomas Cupit for lunch. Downstairs is actually a bar, which was very busy and nearly everyone was eating, which is I took to be a great sign. We didn't have to wait for a table and as we sat down by a polite and smiley waitress we were asked if we would like a drink whilst looking at the menu, a great start as far as I was concerned.
Dressed Crab
After a study of the menu the roast dinner was grabbing all my attention, but wasn't sure, due to my roast potatoes experience and my golden rule. There were three roast options, beef, lamb and pork but I wanted the best of two of them, the yorkshire pudding from the beef and the crackling from the pork. After a jovial chat with our waitress I was advised that if I ordered the pork see would ensure I had a yorkshire pub – this was just getting better.

Carlingford Rock Oysters
For starters my friend ordered the Carlingford Rock Oysters, which where very plumb and full of the salty flavour you would expect and with the usual squeeze of lemon, shallots in red wine vinegar and a hit of Tabasco they were gorgeous. They had also cut the oysters foot making it easier to eat. Also the lemon was covered with muslin so no lemon pips would fall into the oysters. It's little things like this that shows the restaurant has thought about the overall dining experience rather just cook and serve. I ordered dressed crab with crisp bread, which was delicious. The crab was fresh and delicate but there was a little too much mayonnaise but not enough overpower the wonderful crab meat. The crisp bread were well, crisp and had a light flavour and complimented the crab.

Roast Pork
For the roast I ordered the pork and it was perfectly cooked with the crackling salty and crisp. The carrots and French beans were fresh and crunchy, as was the cauliflower in the cauliflower cheese, which wasn't to strong. The yorkshire pudding where light and fluffy and were not greasy. But what about the roast potatoes, unfortunately they didn't work as they were neither crispy or fluffy, they appeared to be an after thought planked on the plate, which was a shame as it would have my first perfect roast dinner at a restaurant.

There wasn't room for desserts but I finished with my usual double espresso, which had a deep full flavour and not bitter it also hadn't been burnt. The staff were very polite, attentive but not intrusive, in fact our table was by the ordering bench and most of time we weren't aware of them working, another sign of a small detail being taken into consideration.

I am being a bit hard on the roast potatoes, as overall it was a wonderful Sunday lunch. If you're not as fussy as me then you will not be disappointed and will have a wonderful meal. but at £17.75 for the pork it's is a little pricey, but worth it. If you don't fancy a roast dinner, the fish and chips and steak and ale pie looked very good.

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