Friday, 6 July 2012

Giaconda Dining Room - Another Quick Review

I've have just had another superb meal at one of my favourite restaurants The Giaconda Dining Room, see previous post HERE. I started with a crab bisque which was silky and smooth with a full flavour as you would expect from a bisque. I followed this with medallions of ox tongue with flat leaf parsley, bread and lentil salad. The ox tongue was firm, succulent with a meaty texture and flavour and was the highlight of the dish. The lentils were firm, but not crunchy, the bread was tasty and didn't become soggy considering there was too much dressing and almost overpowered the salad and the ox tongue

The reason I love this restaurant is because the food is honestly cooked with devotion to flavour. To highlight this, I was actually struggling what to have, but the waitress/owner and I talked about my choices and she knew what would work together as not to have a “heavy meal” but one where I would get an enjoyable meal with lots of textures and flavours. Now only someone with passion for food and her knowledge of the ingredients would know this.

As I was paying the bill I was horrified to hear the restaurant was closing, to say I was gutted was an understatement. I couldn't believe that it was closing down surely a restaurant of this calibre must be making a profit. Luckily after a while I was advised that it's closing down for a while, whilst crossrail finishes off redeveloping Tottenham Court. It will open again but they cannot say when, they were hoping around September time – phew. I gave them my email address so they could advise me they open again, too soon is not soon enough as far as I am concerned, but will keep you advised.


Petra08 said...

Wow you had me truly worried there for a while!! Am so glad they are not closing down and it sounds as if you had another great meal!

Donkey said...

When they said they were closing my jaw almost hit the table. I scolded her a bit for scaring the hell out of me. But was relieved when they said they were reopening. Yes the meal was great again. I looked at my old posting and realised it's the second time I've had the crab bisque, time for something different, but it is very tasty