Friday, 13 July 2012

Dirty Food

It's another confession time, I have a “dirty” food habit. It's a word we use in our house when either one of us consider the food we think is wrong and shouldn't be eaten. It doesn't mean we don't like the taste, like hard boiled eggs, it's not naughty like a big portion of sticky toffee pudding with lashing of chocolate ice cream, it's just dirty. An example dirty food for me is a salad cream sandwiches, wrong on all levels and the most controversial is pineapple on pizza – wrong and dirty.

I think it's good to confess occasionally, as it's helps cleanse the soul, I guess that is the ex catholic in me, but my dirty food habit is Chicken Chow Mein Sandwiches – yep you read it correctly. My other half almost runs away in horror when we have a Chinese delivered and I get bread out. I love lashings of butter on the bread and then add the hot noodles, bean sprouts and chicken, melting the butter and making the bread go all squidgy, lovely. Then you bite into the hot chow mien and you crunch down on the bean sprouts that are soaked in hot melting butter, delicious. Of course I use wholemeal or wholegrain bread as don't want to be seen as a complete slob and need something a little healthy in the meal :-)  I've even been known to ask for bread and butter in a Chinese restaurant whilst my friends look at me in disgust, as well as the staff.

If you recoil in disgust whilst reading this, you now understand what we mean by dirty food. I'm sure you, yes you, have a dirty food habit and will be interested in hearing it, so leave a comment and let me know, also remember confession is good for the soul.


Petra08 said...

I love this post! Am sure we all have dirty food secrets.
Pineapple on pizza is great! Mine is mash with a hot dog (frankfurter) and prawn salad on top, ketchup and mustard and bbq spice!

Anonymous said...

Filthy ;-)