Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Orrery Review

On Sunday, it was our 12th anniversary since our church blessing and I was told we where going to the Salt House near Abbey Road, but its was obvious by the way I was told to be ready by 1245 that we where going somewhere else and was looking forward to the surprise
amuse-bouche gazpacho
At 1320 our taxi pulled up along side the Orrery, at 55 Marylebone High Street and what a great surprise it was to. It was an old Conran restaurant but is now owned by D&D London with the head chef Igor Tymchyshyn, who has worked at Mirabelle, L'Oranger and Maison Novelli.

We were greeted at the door, by a wonderful big smile and were led to our table. I don't normally like my back to the restaurant and we normally take it in turns on where we sit, but this time I didn't mind as I was looking onto a big mirror and so could see all around, which was nice. The restaurant is elegantly decorated and still has a sense of being a Conran restaurant with it's d├ęcor and style.
soft butter
seafood ravioli with a shellfish bisque
The lunchtime menu is a set price of £28.50 for a three course meal, every good value for the quality of food served. After we had ordered we were given amuse-bouche of gazpacho that had a lovely fresh flavour that started the meal off well. We where offered three kinds of home made bread, tomato, French and brown, with all three (yes I was very hungry and tried them all) having a firm crisp crust with soft centre and served with some soft butter. I don't get why some restaurants serve bread with butter that is so cold you cannot spread it, but at least this time it was perfect.
chicken liver parfait
To start I ordered the seafood ravioli in a shellfish bisque. As soon as I spied this on the menu I had to order it as I had a very similar dish at La Maison and wanted to compare the two, even though they were slightly different. This was actually a mistake on my behalf because upon reflection they were totally different but both exceptional. The ravioli was light with a full seafood flavour and the sauce complimented the ravioli perfectly, although the sauce was a little cold. My partner ordered the chicken liver parfait with onion chutney, which was smooth and creamy, but as usual not enough toast or bread. But our waitress noticed this straight away and brought some more over. I do love it when staff are aware of what is happening. Although on saying that one of the other waiters did, what I consider a big no no, he took my partners plate whilst I was still eating. I am a very slow eater and when a plate is removed I feel it's puts pressure on me to hurry up.
daube de beouf
salmon and lobster pie
My main was a daube de beouf encroute, or to you and me, a beef pie. The pastry was crisp and the beef and vegetable cooked perfectly. I found the sauce a little strong and a little salty, and if you've read my blog you'll now I'm fussy about salt. My partner had the best option which was salmon and lobster pie. The topping of mash potatoes was wonderfully rich and creamy, with big pieces of salmon and lobster in a cream sauce, but was not too rich. One thing I did notice there were no salt and pepper on the tables, which I always think is great, because the chef has the confidence to know it's seasoned well.
chocolate fondant
After all that food it was a struggle to decide if to have dessert or not, but seeing as I've lost some weight and it was our anniversary I thought lets push the boat out. I ordered the chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream, not much to say apart from beautifully presented and just as brilliantly executed and was trying to find fault but couldn't. My partner ordered the strawberry bavarois (like a custard but made with geltain to make it set) with strawberry sorbet, again wonderfully presented and executed, although he did think it was a bit too sweet towards the end.
strawberry bavarois 
The staff where polite and charming, if some a little cold, but on the whole very good. It was a great experience and one I am looking at trying again and one that I would recommend. I can't say how much it came too, as my partner paid as he was feeling guilty because he forgot to buy a card, a costly and suitable punishment don't you think....hahaha lol.


Baking Addict said...

I went a few years ago now for a friend's birthday and remembered it was good. It definitely wasn't cheap though and I think the boys were still hungry. I do remember the butter being hard and my friend made a big fuss so it's good to see that they serve soft butter now.

Donkey said...

The evening menu looks expensive, but lunch was not a bad price. As I find it annoying having hard butter, I'm glad they learnt that lesson :-)