Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wright Brothers Soho Oyster House Review

I was walking around Soho, after being part of the audience of the Wright Stuff and looking for somewhere to have lunch, but I timed it all wrong as it was 1pm and all the office workers were also out and about trying to find somewhere eat. All the places I was interested in were either full or there was a long queue and I thought we were in a downturn. I was walking around for what felt like ages and I was very hungry and getting impatient to find somewhere. People who know me know that I'm not very pleasant when very hungry and walking around and around looking for a restaurant, so it felt like a long time.

I have lived in London for almost 25 years and thought I knew Soho like the back of my hand, but it appears I don't as I came across a square called Kingly Court, which I had never seen or even heard of before and thankfully for me I came across the Wright Brothers Soho Oyster House.

The restaurant was very busy with only a few spare tables, but as I was on my own I was gently persuaded to sit at the bar, as I guess they didn't want me to look like a saddo by being by myself on a table, also I guess it's not good business sense to have one person taking up a table that can sit two. If you go to Wright Brothers on your own do not sit at the bar as I didn't enjoy it at all. When I am on my own I want to be able to see what is going on to take it all in and not have my back to everything. All I got to see was all the fridges containing boxes of wine and cartons of milk etc, I also had the privilege, if you can say that, of watching the barman bending down to get glasses of wine from the boxes. I don't know if it's just me but I don't want to see a barman’s underwear (no matter how expensive they are) when I am eating my lunch. I guess it was lucky the barman wasn't built like builders we see on TV and his underwear did look clean.

I actually don't want to put you off, because the food was wonderful. I started with razor clams which for me is an odd choice because I have a bit of a love hate relationship with them. Over the years I've had some badly cooked clams, to the point were chewing gum wasn't as chewy. These calms were cold, which I was expecting to be hot, but perfectly cooked, they were firm and fresh and not the slightest bit chewy. One of them had a lot of grit in it, but I guess that is a risk you take with shellfish. The clams came with home made mayonnaise, and if you've read a previous post I am not a fan, but I have to say, OMG, the mayo was incredible, it smooth, creamy with a great lemon taste and I struggled not to snaffle the whole lot.

For my main I ordered roasted hake with saffron shellfish sauce and this was almost perfect. The skin was very crispy and the flesh was firm and moist. The sauce was gorgeous with a deep wonderful flavour of shellfish. If I was to quibble, I would say is the sauce was a little overpowering for the delicate fish, but I must stress I am quibbling. Although I wasn't happy being told I would have to pay extra for a side dish, a big no no as far as I am concerned when I am paying £16.

The staff were very polite with lots of smiles and very knowledgeable about the food as I asked a lot of questions. I am very pleased I bumped into Kingly Court and the Wright Brothers restaurant as I really enjoyed the experience and I cannot wait to take my friends there as I know they are going to love it to. If you love oysters, shellfish and seafood you must give this a go. If you don't then I wouldn't, as the waitress said to me “we are a seafood restaurant” and there is only one meat starter and one meat main course and no vegetarian dishes unlike other seafood restaurants I've been to. Enjoy.

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Petra08 said...

I have only ever had wine there but must try their food after reading your blog, bar seat avoided! :)