Monday, 2 April 2012

The Regency Club Review

If you love an indian curry and you can get on the Jubilee tube line, then you must visit The Regency in Queensbury. What can be better than a pub that sells great indian food, as we know beer and curry are a great combination and I love the food from this place. I have been going for years and the standard has never slipped and the food is always great

After going to Sofra, I had to meet some friends at The Regency. Unfortunately we couldn't book a table for the time we wanted, but we were prepared to wait. I got there earlier to try and grab a big table, but some of my friends were already there and sitting at a very small table, certainly not big enough to sit 12 of us. The pub was packed and there wasn't any free tables, so wasn't sure we could get one to fit us all. But after 20 minutes we where given a bigger table, but it was still not big enough. Unlike Sofra, luck was on our side, and we managed to get the table next to the one we were sitting, so we could now relax and order some great food.

We have been so many times, and in the past we had ordered so much for our starters that it's been a struggle to eat our main course. This time we ordered our starters and said we would ordered our mains later, which they were happy to do. Although if you find you cannot eat all your meal, don't worry, as they do take out and trust me the food the next day for breakfast is great.

Like most good indian restaurants they have a good variety of vegetarian and meat dishes which was perfect for us, as our group had a mixture of veggies and carnivores. I was too busy playing catch up (okay gossiping) and as we were sharing I let me friends order the food and what a great job they did. For starters they ordered mixed grill, chilli prawns, chicken wings, lamb samoas, chilli paneer, garlic mogo, crisp bhajja. For mains they ordered karahi methi chicken, karahi chicken masala, tarka dall (my favourite indian dish) and channa masala. All very incredibly well cooked, with some very bold flavours as you would imagine and a great kick of heat, hence why beer is so popular.
I find the staff are a little curt, but I guess if you're always that busy you don't have time to chat, but they are professional. As I said the pub does get very busy and you cannot book a table, but it is worth it.

So, if you are ever in Queensbury or you fancy a great curry then you won't be disappointed. You can see a really good and better review HERE 

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