Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fresh Figs and Plums

I bought some fresh figs the other day and wondered if I should use them in a savoury dish or dessert. I was struggling as I prefer savoury dishes to desserts, but what I could do with them. I remembered seeing a dessert recipe in The Australian Women's Weekly book called Moroccan and the foods of North Africa which I always thought would be nice and it was also fairly healthy.

When you first look at the ingredients it would appear very sweet, but the plain yoghurt cut through the sweetness. This is also one of the simplest desserts I’ve every made, but it's full of flavour and one that I will enjoy again and again.

  • 3 plums, cut in half
  • 3 figs, cut in half
  • 50g honey
  • 25g brown sugar
  • 50g plain yoghurt
  • (serves 2)

Place the plums and figs into a baking tin and pour over 25g of honey and all the sugar and place under a grill

Grill the fruit until the sugar has melted and the fruit are cooked. Normally about 10 minutes, but depends on your grill.

Place the fruit into two bowls, pour over the last of the honey. You can either pour the yoghurt over the fruit or place it on the side.


Petra08 said...


this looks amazing! I must try it! Simple and perfect, can't get much better

Donkey said...

it was very quick and simple, as you say can't get much better. We both really enjoyed it.

All That I'm Eating said...

Really quick and simple, I bet this would be great for breakfast!