Sunday, 29 April 2012

Disaster in the Kitchen

Sometimes when you create or follow recipes you make a little mistake and they don't come out perfect. It is  still good, tasty and you enjoy stuffing your face on them, my Soda Bread article highlights this statement perfectly. But sometimes it's goes completely wrong and it turns into a disaster and this is one of those times.

My other half is always saying that I am a messy cook and a complete slob in the kitchen, of course I object, I am not the cleanest, but I’m not that bad either. That was until the other day, when I attempted to make a cake, the first time in since I was made the Lemon Drizzle Cake
For some unknown reason I used almost every bowl and every utensil in my kitchen. I don't have the biggest kitchen, but all my work surface was used up, I was totally surprised at how much mess I made and even sent a picture to my twitter account. The recipe I was working from was not that difficult, but there were a fair amount of ingredients and it needed three different bowls. But even then I shouldn't have created the mess I did, as you can see by the pictures it turned into mayhem.
I was making a spicy cake from a book that I have used many times and each recipe has always come out perfectly. I am not sure if it was me not being prepared or the recipe doesn't work, but seeing as all the other recipes I have followed have worked, I guess it was me.

I followed the recipe to the tee, I had all the correct ingredients, I mixed all them together as written, but before placing in the baking tin, I thought the cake mixture was too runny. Although I had read the recipe a couple of times I reread them in case I'd made a mistake, but everything listed was followed and used

I had a preheated oven and started to cook for the 1 hour as stated. When the alarm went off, I placed a spike in the cake, but I could tell even before I pull the spike out it was nowhere near cooked. I checked the oven temperature, that was correct, so I cooked for another 30 minutes, tested again and still not finished. Tried again after another 15 minutes, perfect. I removed the cake from the oven and allowed to cool for 15 minutes. I had greased the tin and so the cake came out easily. I turned it over, I placed it on a wire rack and watched in disbelieve as started to lean to one side and collapse. Now to say the language in my house went blue, is an understatement. If I had to put £1 into a box for every swear word that came out of my mouth I could have paid for dinner at a three star Michelin restaurant for four people, I was fuming.

After I calmed down, thanks for a large glass of wine, I actually started laughing. I looked at the state of the kitchen and the cake and thought why did I bother. After spending 30 minutes cleaning the house I sat down, poured myself another glass of wine and tested the cake. It had a nice flavour, but it was undercooked and soggy. Will I try the recipe again, maybe, will I make that kind of mess again, probably – will I get someone else to clean up after me YES!

This was a great lesson for me as it reminds me that not everything goes according to plan. It's also easy to forget that when we read cookery books, blogs and watch TV programmes we read and see the finished article and never see the mistakes they make. Maybe we should have a programmes on cooking bloopers, wouldn't it be funny to see Jamie or Nigella getting it wrong, just for once :-)


Marmaduke Scarlet said...

How this made me laugh! Welcome to my world . . . I had a cheesecake last week which some how escaped from it's tin while baking ... I could have entered it in a 100m race as it was definitely faster than me . . . argh.

BTW as to your kitchen looking a bit messy . . . I think you are being kind to yourself. More like Armageddon!

Donkey said...

can't stop smiling at your comment, a 100m race, very funny. When the cake turned into a nightmare I was trying to be "kind" to myself and saying a bit messy. Thanks for telling me like it really was hahahahaha

Petra08 said...

Every time I try to bake this is pretty much what happends! So glad am not the only one!
I have now limited myself to a few cakes I know I can make and wouldn't even think of making bread! :)My last attempt for a lemon drizzle cake was overcooked and dry and went in the bin!

Donkey said...

I am thinking twice about trying new cakes, but I will get my act together and not let it beat me hahaha
You must try your own bread as it's great. The Fabulous Baker Brothers have a very good recipe for white and wholemeal. Just knead for 20 minutes and you get perfect bread.