Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chinese Pot Noodle

I have a confession to make, I love pot noodle – there I said it and out loud too. It's taken years to come out and say it, but I feel better for doing so. My other half calls me dirty for eating such “filthy food” as he calls it, bit I totally disagree.

I do need to clarify this statement though by saying I don't like Unilevers Pot Noodle, but the kind you get from Chinese supermarkets. Whenever I am in China Town I always make a beeline for the supermarkets to see what flavours they have on sale and there are hundreds of them. In Golders Green there are 3 Asian supermarket each selling a variety of brands with a wide array of flavours, like sweet and sour, spicy chicken and seafood etc.

Whenever I buy foods from supermarkets I always read the ingredient list, but I never look on Chinese noodles because I know I will be horrified by the list of enhancers and flavourings being used. I did actually just check a pot that I have in my cupboard and it wasn't pleasant, but I am not letting that put me off.

They are so easy to make and I love the artificial flavour of the soup. I even like the way the dried ingredients don't always rehydrate and are a tough and chewy when you eat them. The only complaint I have is they don't fill me up and I sometimes have to have two in one sitting.

I know as a foodie I shouldn't be saying this, but I cannot stay in the closet all my life. There comes a time in ones life when you must stand proud and shout “I LOVE CHINESE POT NOODLE”.

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