Friday, 23 March 2012

Cutting a Whole Chicken

I am doing a new recipe from Julia Child's French Cooking Volume 2 for a cooking challenge, recipe will be posted soon. The recipe requires a whole chicken to be cut up into pieces. Normally I would have just bought chicken thighs as our local supermarket doesn't have a butcher to cut it up for me.

But I thought what the hell, I would attempt to cut a chicken myself. In the Julia Child's book there are written instructions on how to cut poultry, but I prefer visual instruction than written ones and some of what was written went over my head. Luckily for me we have YouTube and I found several videos on the subject. I watched a few of the videos and picked the one that appeared to best show how it was done.

I followed the instructions and didn't realise how easy it was to do. I did have a little problem getting the cartilage out, but overall I was very pleased as you can see below.

Also it gives a great tip of keeping the bones, you would discard, in the freezer until you have enough to make a great chicken stock.

Seeing as it was very simple I will attempt to actually bone the chicken, which I guess will be a lot harder and will try my patience more :-)

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