Monday, 27 February 2012

Two Little Tips

Two tips to help from throwing food and drink away.

1) If you have some stale bread, don't throw it away, just put the bread into a food processor and blitz it, to make into breadcrumbs. Place into a bag or box and put it in the freezer. Then take out as needed for recipe like fishcakes (see a recipe HERE) or maybe home made fish fingers (coming soon) or any other recipe were breadcrumbs are needed.

2) This very rarely happens in our house, because we never have wine left over. Maybe I should leave some, that way I won't have hangovers in the morning :-). But, if you are more sensible than me and find you have some wine left over, place the wine into an ice tray and put it in the freezer, making sure you don't spill it over the breadcrumbs :-). When you need to add wine, like spaghetti bolognese (see recipes HERE) just use 4-6 cubes.

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