Thursday, 9 February 2012

Kimchee update - Now called SARANG

I went for lunch at Kimchee today only find that it was no longer there and but a restaurant called Sarang. It was still a Korean restaurant and the plastic dishes in the window appeared to be the same, so I went in sat down and placed my order, I asked what had happened to Kimchee and was informed that they had just changed the name of the restaurant, phew is all I could say.

I had steamed meat dumplings with soy sauce, which was wonderfully light. I then order the spicy cod, tofu and seafood soup, which was very spicy, but with a gorgeous sour soup. It came with rice, which was nutty and sticky. It also came with three small side dishes, of mash potato with peas ( well that is what is looked and tasted like, pickled bean-sprouts and lastly a tasty spicy pickled cabbage (kimchee)

The service was really good and the food flavoursome and I would recommend it if you are around Golders Green.

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