Thursday, 2 February 2012

Heston Blumenthall's Hard Boiled Egg - Third and Final Attempt

I have received a few emails regarding Heston's claim about making the perfect egg by putting an egg in cold water and bringing it to a boil, then turn off heat and leave for 6 minutes - read my entries HERE for first attempt and HERE for second attempt. It appears to be that other people have not been able to produce a prefect egg based on Heson't method also.

So I thought I would try it for a third and final time. If this time it didn't work then I thought I would stop trying. Today I put the egg into cold water and brought to a very gently boil and turned off the heat. I left the egg in the water for 4 minutes and 45 seconds and it worked and got an almost perfect egg. The egg white was a little under cooked but the egg yolk was perfect and that is what I wanted.

At least now I know that I can now make a good boiled egg, but I'm not going to bother in future I've found a local butchers that sells great black and white pudding, superb black treacle bacon and duck eggs so why would I want to attempt to make a boiled egg that maybe or not come out the way I like it, but it's been fun trying :-)

Did you like the bread soilders, couldn't resist seeing as I keep being called a “big kid” by my otherhalf, haha.


Maya said...

I use this method regularly. I think the trick is the ensure the water is at a rolling boil (ie still lots of bubbles even if you stir it) and then I leave the eggs in for 4 minutes and a bit. Perfect everytime! And no cracked shells. Whhheeeeee

Donkey said...

I am pleased to finally get it to work, but from emails I have received the average time was 4min 15sec to 5 mins. So not sure how Heston can say 6 mins. Must be different eggs, cooking utensils etc

Anonymous said...

You're trying Heston's 'Hard Boiled Egg Recipe' but it appears you are attempting to make a soft boiled egg. I think that is why you had to adapt the recipe.

Donkey said...

Heston's version was a soft boiled egg at 6 minutes, which is what I based my first attempt on. It was not based on a hard boiled egg.