Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fireman Sam's Last Supper

Last night I received an email from my friend Fireman Sam, which really made me smile, because of the friendship that has grown, his like for my other website, DonkeyFodder, but also because of his Last Supper. I really enjoyed reading it and it brought back memories of my mum's cooking of lamb and other great meals, that inspired me to cook and blog. Fireman Sam has allowed me to publish his email, hope you enjoy reading it as much as me.

Fireman Sam’s Last Supper
Late last year by chance I met a very special person who since has become a lifelong friend, I was introduced to his partner who created the site Donkey Fodder and now both have become very special dear friends. I look forward to reading every article because it gives me the inspiration to expand and challenge my own limited diet. My own level of cooking skills is very poor and it’s quite apt that I am a fireman because I do tend to burn most everything I touch, when asked I tell people I cook out of the bible, i.e. it’s either a burnt offering or a bloody sacrifice. So with the help of my new found friends I aim this year to make a determined effort to improve my skills and expand my knowledge.
Reading the Last Supper got my brain working overtime and here is my perfect last supper.
Roast Lamb & Mint Jelly
This has always got to be my favourite roast of all times and if done properly would have me going weak at the Knees just at the smell of the Lamb cooking. I always remember my mother getting up early on a Sunday morning to prepare the lamb for roasting of course I never paid any attention of how the meal was going to be prepared or cooked I just used to watch her “Slam in the Lamb” as the old adverts used to say. According to my mother I used to drive her crazy wanting to have a taste of the meat as soon as it had come out of the oven. Because I was very stubborn with food my Sunday Dinner used to consist of the meat, three Yorkshire puddings, a few token carrots and some goose fat roast potatoes. The carrots often used to get left or passed to the dog who was always under my chair at the table. The lamb was last to be eaten I loved the taste of the gravy made from the juices of the lamb and my mother also used to use some of the fat from the lamb to make the Yorkshire puddings which always rose to perfection and were crisp at the top as for the Mint sauce I hated the normal Mint sauce everyone else used to have and as I was always awkward I used to have my own special jar of mint jelly which there would be several spoon full on my plate to bring out the best of the lamb. This dinner for me was always one that I would most look forward to and it would be the only one that I would be at the table before everyone else. So if I am ever asked what my last meal on earth would be then there we have it.
It’s thanks to Donkey Fodder for allowing me to bring back happier memories of childhood especially my recollection of my favourite meal. I may be a very fussy person when it comes to food and I may not be very adventurous when it comes to food for example cooking with goat, think I will skip on that one (No offence each to their own etc) what I do love about this site however is the restraint reviews basic, down to earth comments based on actual experience incorporating the atmosphere and ambiance of the venue as well as the food. I don’t often read into a lot of reviews because very few are written from the point of view of a normal every day customer. This site writes from the heart it shows passion not only about the food that is served but from the whole experience from entering the establishment to leaving I just hope that more people read and comment on their own experiences and tips and tricks that they have discovered. So from Fireman Sam well done and thank you Donkey Fodder.

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