Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Cheshire Cheese Company

Caramelised Onion and Rioja

Last Friday (3rd Feb) I went to a holiday show at Earls Court and although it was an average show, I came across a stand selling cheese, called The Cheshire Cheese Company. The stand was the highlight of the show and although I am still trying to stick to my health kick I ended up buying three cheeses because they were so tangy and tasty

With the range of cheeses they were selling it was very hard deciding which cheeses to purchase. But I ended up buying one called smoky redwood, which is a 5 times gold award winner from the international cheese awards. This is a gorgeous creamy and smoky (as you could guess by the name) cheese that goes very well with hot buttered crumpets, trust me I had this last night and it was divine. I also bought the Jamaican jerk sauce cheese, which had a delicate spicy tang, then after a little while a wonderful hit of heat kicks in. Anybody who reads my blog will now I love chilli and so had to purchase this. The final cheese I purchased was a mature cheddar with caramelised onions and rioja red wine. I am looking forward to an evening tucking into these with some plain high baked water biscuits, as well as more crumpets.
Sticky Toffee Heaven

Apart from savoury cheeses they also sold sweet cheeses, like sticky toffee heaven and a creamy cheshire cheese blended with strawberries, cream and champagne. My friend tried the sticky toffee heaven and he did not like it as he found it too sweet for his liking. I am not a fan of sweet and savoury together (sultanas in curries, pineapple on pizzas etc – so wrong) and was apprehensive to try, but try I did. It was sweet but very tasty, it was like eating a creamy cheese cake and would be really great served with digestives biscuits.

When I got home I checked out their website and it was a simple and nicely designed and I registered with them so that I can get updates on the company. On their website they have sections that list all there products, a page that lists all the companies that stock their produce. Another page listing markets they will be visiting up to the end of February, which will be updated with dates of other venues and markets they will be attending during the year. They also have a cheese club, which for £9.99, you get special offers and amongst other things, a free birthday cheese when you place an order on line, or they send you a voucher so you can collect from a stockist.

Redwood Smokey
I have also be in contact with the sales team and have managed to get a 15% discount off your first online order. Just quote the code NEW1011, to claim the discount. They do charge £4.95 for delivery but free if you order £30 or more.

Jamican Jerk Sauce Cheddar
Some people might not like the idea of flavoured cheese and like plain ordinary cheese, but I would say try them out, because I think they will be very surprised.

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Petra08 said...

Looks great! Will have a look and if I order will for sure use the the discount code, brilliant!