Sunday, 15 January 2012

Heston Blumenthall's Boiled Egg

I am a bit odd when it comes to eggs and I really hate it when the yolk gets hard. It is actually very difficult to avoid when cooking egg, but with fried or poached you can at least see what the yolk looks like, but impossible for boiled eggs. So, when I watched Heston Blumenthall's programme last Wednesday, 11 January, (you can watch the programme on 4OD click HERE to watch) he said he can make the perfect boiled egg so my ears pricked up. To make a perfect boiled egg, you put an egg into cold water, bring to the water to boil and as soon as it boils remove from the heat and let stand for 6 minutes. Well I just did it and it was almost completely hard so was very disappointed. I will try again, but only for 5min 30seconds to see if it works.

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