Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fish! - Restaurant Review

Just before Christmas I had to go to Borough Market, I was trying to get hold of small onions to pickle, seeing as our local supermarket hadn't had any for ages. It was a nightmare. I found myself fighting through a load of people that were just mooching around and basically getting in my way. I am not known for my patience and so when people do get in my way, I do tend to get a little grumpy :-)...I think that is because I've lived in London too long- well it's a good excuse and I’m sticking to it.

But, there is one great thing about being in Borough Market, and that is Fish. As you may guess it’s a restaurant that serves well, fish! I was really pleased when it came out of administration because they do fish simply and incredibly well. They have a great selection and you can have it steamed or grilled and served with a sauce. It usually comes with some lightly boiled seasonal vegetables. Nothing fancy, just plain and simple. They do have specials and other selections of seafood dishes, which are also very tasty.

For a starter I had a seafood salad with an olive dressing. It was great and very fresh and light, there was a good mixture of seafood, octopus, squid, mussels, prawn and scallop on a bed of salad leaves. I've had seafood salad before but this was far superior to any I’ve tried. My friend had the usual oysters, which he said were tasty, but they looked on the small size to me.

For my main course I ordered grilled halibut with salsa verde. It was well grilled, with a golden brown colour, and it was light fluffy and moist. The salsa verde was okay, but I had never had it before, so I cannot really comment. My friend had monkfish with hollandaise sauce, which like my halibut was moist and firm and the hollandaise was really creamy. Both main courses came with lightly boiled vegetables, and we both agreed it's a great accompaniment with the fish, as it doesn't compete with it and lets the fish shine.

We had a sticky toffee pudding for dessert, which was actually disappointing. The sponge was watery as was sticky toffee sauce, it was more like a soup. The coffee was good and it wasn't burnt.

The service was very good, and the one thing I really love is you can sit at the bar and you can watch the kitchen at work. I was watching as they were making up a smoked swordfish club sandwich and they were adding an ingredient I hadn't seen before. I got the chef’s attention and he said it was fried smoked salmon, which he gave to us to try. I had never thought of deep frying smoked salmon, but I will now as it was great. If you're a “semi” vegetarian and you eat fish, you can easily deep fry smoked salmon and it's like having a bacon sandwich, it was really really crunchy and doesn't lose its smoky flavour when you deep fry it.

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