Saturday, 19 November 2011

ONE08 - Review


Last Saturday a friend said about going out for dinner, so after scanning the Tastecard website we decided on two, Mayfair Mews and ONE08. After checking each restaurant out it appears that Mayfair Mews has a time policy in that you had to give the table up after 2 hours. I know 2 hours is a fair amount of time, but if you are paying good money nobody should dictate how long you can stay for. With this in mind we decided on going to ONE08.

When you enter the restaurant the first thing you notice is how dark it is. In fact it was so dark we had to use the candle to see the menu. The staff did apologise because all of the other tables that were in use, had a spot light on them but on our table there wasn't one. Their design team was coming back in to sort it out.

Carpaccio of Beef
The menu had a good variety of fish, meat and they had a couple of specials, but was lacking in vegetarian dishes. In fact they only had 1 starter and 2 main courses that were vegetarian and were certainly lacking in any imagination. Who wants a salad on a cold, damp evening for a main course?

For our starters, I ordered pan fried scallops with white beans, pancetta, chorizo and white wine. It did say scallops, but it was only one scallop cut into thirds, but the white bean “stew” was very tasty with a rich tomato sauce. My partner had a smoked haddock fish cake, on a bed of spinach with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. He said it was tasty, the cake was crispy on the outside with a moist and fluffy interior with a great smoky flavour, but the egg was a bit overcooked. My friend had carpaccio of beef, with mushroom and truffle oil with some mixed leaves on top. The beef was fresh and tasty with the oil complimenting the flavour.
Fish Cakes with Poached Egg and Hollandaise
Fish and Chips
I ordered fish and chips with mushy peas, the batter was light and crisp, but it was the chips that took centre stage- they were amazing. They are triple cooked and were the best chips I've had in many years. Like the batter, they where light and crisp with a really fluffy centre. My partner ordered English lamp rump and slow roast shoulder with autumn vegetables and pearl barley. The lamb was medium and had a nice pink middle, the meat was tender and melted in the mouth, although it was a very tiny portion of lamb. My friend ordered the special of skate wing with a caper sauce. The wing was large and well cooked, the flesh was firm and moist with a light flavour, which contrasted well with the caper sauce.

I was the only one who had a dessert and ordered sticky toffee pudding. The pudding was moist and spongy but the sticky toffee sauce was grainy, as the sugar hadn't completely melted. It came with a portion of thick clotted cream which helped mellow out the sweetness of the sauce.

The staff were polite and helpful and a good evening was had and with the 50% discount we got off the food, because of the Tastecard, we will be back – if for no other reason than for those GREAT chips! We did all agree though that we would not go if we didn't get the discount, because the portions are on the very small side.

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