Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hix in Soho Review

On the 7th October 2011 a friend and I tried to go to Hix for lunch, but luckily for me they were fully booked and we ended up going to a great restaurant called Andrew Edmunds. (See Review Here)

Well on the 3rd of November both my friend and I were around Soho and ended up going to Hix for lunch. It has taken a while for me to write this review, because I was incredibly annoyed at being told that I could not take pictures in the restaurant. What made it worse was as we were told we could not take pictures a camera crew turned up, oh and guess what they were doing? Yep taking pictures. Anyway rant over. Actually one more thing- Raymon Blancs' Le Manoir, didn't mind my taking photos and that restaurant has two Michelin stars, unlike Hix. Okay now rant over for now.

We were shown to our table and we asked for table water. After about 10 minutes we were
asked if we wanted a drink and if we wanted water. We both ordered a gin and tonic and told our waiter that we had already ordered water when we had sat down but were still waiting. After another ten minutes our order was taken and we ordered a bottle of wine, whilst still waiting for our gin and tonics, at least the water had turned up by then.

I ordered a dish called Heath and Earth, which was black pudding on a bed of apple mash, which was incredible. The black pudding was soft with a great spiced flavour and was in fact, the best black pudding I've ever had. The spices in the black pudding complimented the applesg mash. My friend had oysters, with the shells shucked but placed on top, which I had never seen before and for a second you think they haven't been opened. My friend said they were great but were on the small side.

My main course was smoked coley with a poached egg on top. This sat on a bed of
colcannon surrounded with a mustard sauce. The coley was very strong in taste, but was mellowed down by the colcannon. However the mustard sauce was a little over powering, plus the meal was so rich I was struggling to finish it off. My friend had mutton with curly kale, which he said was very meaty and moist and it just melted in the mouth.

Not that I am still bitter about the pictures, but I'm not adding the pictures of our
meal, which is a shame because the food did look tasty. I would not hurry back, because having a meal is not just about the food; it’s about having a pleasant experience and for me that was ruined – yes I’m still bitter......

edit - I have been in communications with Hix and it appears that it is a Caprice policy that they do not allow any pictures to be taken, this includes Hix, Ivy and Sheekeys. If this is a case then they should make this aware before we sit down and not half way through my meal

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