Monday, 24 October 2011

Vegetarian Weekly Challenge

I shouldn't really call it a challenge, because I was a vegetarian was over 12 years and people are vegetarians living every day and it's not a challenge to them. The challenge comes from having a healthy vegetarian week, because the two don't always go together, even though people think they do. I can assure you I didn't have a healthy diet, as cheese and frying played a large part of it.

The week was fairly successful but I personally don't think it was a complete success. The food I had in The Diner, on Saturday night, was not healthy. I also had some cheese during the week, but in very small amounts, so fair amount of fat was in my diet, albeit a lot less than if I'd been eating meat.

For breakfast I had chilli beans, click HERE, mushrooms on toast click HERE , and the rest of the time I had my own made breakfast of oats, click HERE

Lunches I had tomato, mozzarella and basil with pasta click HERE also I did a version with chives. I also ate vegetable noodles twice, click HERE and I did another version but used a thai red curry paste, which I didn't blog, I consumed the mushrooms on toast, which I had for breakfast and one day I treated myself to a meal at Wagamamas.

Dinners, we had minstrone alla milanese for two nights click HERE green vegetable risotto click HERE, stuffed red peppers, click HERE As there was some vegetarian chilli left I had it with rice on Friday, oh and again on Sunday. Saturday we went to a restaurant called The Diner and had a really horrible spicy bean burger and was only saved by Tabasco's Chipolte sauce, see previous post.

I really liked the challenge as it really made me think about what I was cooking rather than just going through the motions of cooking. I also have felt a lot better within myself, I seemed to have more energy and get up and go. Or could it just be that I wasn't drinking also, seeing as it was a "healthy" challenge it seemed wrong to drink loads.

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