Sunday, 23 October 2011

Tabasco Chipolte

I have a new food love affair and it's called Tabasco Chipolte! It is not as hot as normal Tabasco but it has a superb intense smoky flavour and will go with most meat and even spicy bean burgers, which I had last night in a restaurant called The Diner. As part of my vegetarian week challenge I ordered a "spicy" bean burger. It had no taste what so ever and it was like munching on a rug that hadn't been hoovered for months, but the sauce really brought it back to life.

I have been after the sauce for a while now and although I could get it on line I wasn't gong to pay £2.90 and then £4 P&P for it (yes I know I'm a cheapskate). So, in my madness I went to Selfridges on Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon. Now if you're not from London there is one thing that most Londoners do not do on a Saturday and that is go to Oxford Street, as it's mobbed. It's like leaving a rugby match with 90000 people all going in the same direction, but worse, because when people shop they are only focused on that and if you get in their way, you will be floored.

So, with this in mind, I fought my way into Selfridge's foodhall, and started my hunt for the Chipolte sauce. Whilst searching for it I found something out, never go into a food shop hungry. Here I was, surrounded by all this gorgeous and exotic food, and my stomach started rumbling. My wallet started shaking and it was all I could do to not buy everything in the hall. I was surrounded by wonderful foods from around the world, like biltong, serano hams, aromatic cheese from France and much more. With my stomach shouting 'feed me' I realised I had to stick to my guns, so I found the chiptolte sauce, grabbed a bottle of Tabasco Habanero, and some smoked paprika and legged it. I just managed to survive the ordeal with my wallet and credit card intact.

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