Friday, 14 October 2011

Lutyens Reviews

Veal Terrine
What is it about me? When I go to an upmarket restaurant I get given a horrible table. I recently went to the 2 Michelin star restaurant called The Ledbury and was made to sit by the staff workstation and this was not the first time this has happened. Maybe it's the way I dress, maybe I look like a chav and they want to keep me hidden from the other customers. Yesterday, I went to an upmarket restaurant called Lutyens for lunch, (apparently it's pronounced Lutch Yens but for me it's Lut Yens – have I answered my own chav question.......?) and was sat by the workstation. I asked to move and so they moved us to the next table, which was a foot further away from the workstation. I was in a very irritable mood and so threw my toys out the pram (threw a tantrum) and asked to be moved to somewhere else and the staff were very accommodating and moved us away from the workstation.

Once settled down at the table I upset the staff again, by asking for a Hendricks gin and tonic, but was given a Tanqueray Gin and tonic. I moaned at the staff that they got it wrong but then had to eat my words and apologise to the staff as my friends advised me that I did order - oops. I had to work my charm and I think I brought the staff around that I wasn't a bit stupid.

Violet Artichoke Vinaigrette
My friend, Jeff, ordered Oysters as his stater, they looked really large and thick and he said they were very good. I ordered the veal terrine, which had a nice strong meaty flavour, but the highlight was the fig chutney. My other friend, Lyd, ordered violet artichoke vinaigrette. The artichoke were hearts, but they had left the tough outer leaves on them and I thought this was a real cheek considering the £12 price tag. When paying a high price I expect high standards of food and shouldn't have to spit out the tough leaves. The dish also didn't look very appetising, see picture.

For my main I ordered the grouse, which was perfectly cooked and it's dark flesh had a strong gamey flavour. At £28.50 I shouldn't have been expected to have to pay another £4 for a side dish of French beans, which were, firm, crunchy and buttery. The grouse came with bread sauce which was devine.You could taste just a hint of cloves in the background which complimented the dark strong meat. Jeff ordered the halibut with fennel purée and a lobster sauce. It was moist and firm and the very deep flavoured lobster sauce didn't overpower it. Lyd had the rotisserie of half a chicken, which was also perfectly cooked, crispy skin with moist flesh. The home made sage and onion stuffing and thyme gravy helped to enhance the flavour of the chicken.

Halibut with Fennel Puree and
Lobster Sauce
Jeff and myself finished the meal with a portion of cheese, shared between the two of us and Lyd had the chocolate fondant. Sometimes when you have a cheese board it is lacking in variety but we where given 5. The soft cheese was very aromatic (which almost made Lyd run out of the room as she hates cheese as much as I love it). The goats cheese was very intense. I had a bit of the fondant and it tasted a bit watery, but Lyd said it was well cooked, with a bitter taste and good gooey centre and the choclate truffle ice cream was incredible.

Rotisserie of Chicken
Although the meal was okay, I was not overblown by it, but it could have been because I was in a really irritable mood and was just looking for fault from the very start. With this in mind I will have to try it out again, that is going to be a hardship – NOT.

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