Monday, 26 September 2011

Tesco Moan

Tonight I am going to make Chilli Con Carne Pie which my partner found in the recipe section on the Tesco website.

So why is it when I try to get the ingredients they don't have them, in this instance they didn't have red pepper tapendade and puy lentils. I could understand why they might not have the red pepper tapenade, but puy lentils. I live in an area that has a lot of enthic people and so I would have thought the puy lentils would have been a staple.

If they are putting a recipe on their website they should at least ensure their stores have the ingredients in stock.

Normally I wouldn't complain, but this happens all the time. If I had a £1 for each time I went into our local Tesco and they where missing an ingredient or two I would be able to retire. In fact three weeks ago I went to buy a Kindle, picked up the box, took it to the cashier only to find that I had to go the customer service counter to be advised that they didn't have any in stock. Why have the box on display if you don't have any.

Moan over and will attempted to compromise – will attempt to make my own red pepper tapenade and will use red lentil instead – fingers crossed – will let you know the outcome.


Lyd said...

What's a Kindle?

Donkey said...

A Kindle is a electronic book

Lyd said...

Of course, now you tell me I out of touch am I:-(?...shameful....