Thursday, 29 September 2011


I have worked in IT for over 20 years as a support technician amongst other things and  like most industries the use of acronyms were wildly used. Within the team I worked with we had some of our own and they were normally at the detriment of the user. Here are a few we used: FUE, fatal user error, Id10T - I think this is obvious (!), but my favourite was RTFM.  So many times users would come up to me and say my home computer this, my home computer that - like I know what their problems were, I would say RTFM, which means Read The F****** Manual.  This was always said in jest and was always taken in good humour.

The last two days I have attempted to do two new recipes. I just scanned over the ingredients and recipes and went to my local Tesco and attempted to make them.

Lasagne - yep never made one before
Well they didn't come out very well because I didn't RTMF correctly! My partner had great joy in taking the mickey- he always says read the method twice before starting.  The dishes didn't come out too bad, but I should have read the recipe clearly before I attempted them. I have included pictures of the dishes, to prove they didn't look too bad, but they were not correct.  I will try them again, but I will RTMF when trying all new recipes in future!

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