Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Kimchee Restaurant Review

Today I had to go to the doctors which is always depressing, so I decided to treat myself to lunch for 1. So I took myself to a local Korean restaurant in Golders Green called Kimchee. It was very quiet, which is what I wanted, but it was almost 1345, so most people had already left. The restaurant is very basic, but each table have a BBQ grill in the centre, for there spea

Whilst looking at the menu I thought that I should remember the correct names of the dishes I was ordering, but decided not to bother as I would be able to get the information from their website – ooopppps, they don't have a website, so for my shame I will have to say what they where, that will teach me.

I decide on a starter of boiled chicken dumplings, followed by seafood udon noodles, (which came from some seaweed soup), but requested that they brough it out together.

So whilst supping a cup of green tea, some side dishes where delivered, which I wasn't expecting. Delieverd was a small plate of spicy pickled radish, another with spicy pickled cabbage (kimchee), yet another with pickled bamboo shoots. I had a quick taste of the pickled radish and it had a great crunchy texture with a great warming heat. I could have eaten it all there and then but held off whilst awaiting my other dishes.

The chicken dumplings turned up first and all I can say was omg (oh my god), they where stunning (that is no understatement) and with the soya sauce they where magic. I often find the sauce salty but not this time and it improved them, if that was possible. After a few minutes the seafood udon noddles turned up, which was actually disappointing. There wasn't a lot of seafood and the one prawn, baby octupuss and small mussels where okay, but the squid was tough. The noddles where well cooked and a great bite but the sauce was a bit lacking. With all that food it also came with a seaweed soup, which again was excellent. The miso, that made up the soup, was flavoursome, with out being salty.

I am finding it very hard to not go on and on about this place as I really loved it. All these great flavours that blended so well together, I cannot wait to go back again for lunch. I do wonder if the food would be as good when the place is busy, so I will try it out and when I do I will edit this entry.


Lyd said...

...Kimchee,ughhh. remember being offered it at a Korean woman's house a number of years ago...couldn't bring myself to put it in my mouth, smelt of drains! pickled (rotten?)cabbage isn't it? A bit like the Thai delicacy the Darian fruit, also smells like sewage! Sorry to any Thais or Koreans out there reading this. Sure you feel the same about bangers and mash, nothing personal:-).

Donkey said...

The kimchee was a side dish, you can see it in one of the pictures, so there wasn't a lot of it and it didn't smell - but was very tasty