Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Brasserie Gerard - Review

Seeing as we had a quiet Saturday night, we decided that it would be nice to go for a Sunday lunch. After scanning the Tastecard website we decided that we would go and try out Brasserie Gerard in Belsize Park.

Like The Magdala it didn't start off very well. We sat down at our table and a waiter came over and asked if we wanted dessert, so we had to explain that we had only just sat down and hadn't even looked at the menu yet. This made us smile, but the service didn't get much better. We weren't told about the specials, we were not offered an aperitif and the wine list was taken away before we had decided if we wanted wine. Also our starters where taken to the wrong table, but we got it in the end and it was actually a lot better than the service. (though my partner burnt his finger on the extremely hot plate).

I had Camembert Chaud, which was a small Camembert (microwaved), so the centre was runny and it was pleasingly creamy. My partner had Champignon Farci, which was a portabello mushroom, topped with spinach, poached egg and a mornay sauce. The egg was perfectly cooked and the mornay sauce complimented the mushroom well.

I ordered the Demi Poulet (half a char-grilled chicken coated in herbs), and had it with honey and mustard sauce. The chicken was succulent and moist, but I couldn't taste the mustard in the sauce, but it did work well with the dish. When I ordered the chicken, I wasn't aware it came with either salad, new potatoes or pomme frites (as per the menu). Had I been aware I would have not ordered pomme frites, but that is what was automatically served as the waiter didn't ask what I actually wanted. They were well cooked, hot and crispy, but it showed another hiccup with the service. My partner ordered Salade de Poulet et Lardon, a salad with roasted chicken and bacon lardons, spinach and green beans, in a Dijon vinaigrette. He said the chicken was cooked okay, nothing special, but he couldn't taste the vinaigrette.

The only problem with both of my dishes was not the taste or flavour but lack of colour on the plate and as they say “you first eat food with your eyes”. At least my partners dishes looked appetising, see picture and you'll see what I mean.

The whole experience was certainly lacking sparkle and we both agreed that we would not go back and we would have felt very aggrieved at the price, had we not saved £18 with the Tastecard. The cost was still £53.48, for a 2 course meal with a bottle of wine, beer and gin and tonic. They do a Plat de Jour, which looked nice, but we couldn't order as we were using the Tastecard.

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