Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Supermarkets Fresh Herbs

I love using fresh herbs (apart from oregano, which I find better dried). Unfortunately I find that our local supermarket sells herbs in packs that contain more than I need. Once I have used all that I need they end up in the bottom of the fridge and more often end up in the compost bin.

I recently had a eureka moment (yes I know I'm slow), but with all the plastic microwave dishes I get from having a take out., I put all herbs that are left into the dishes and put them in the freezer.

When I now need herbs, I check the freezer to see if I have what I need and take some out- they take minutes to defrost but of course you can add them to casseroles for example still frozen.

Mind you if you can be bothered, you could have a little herb garden, which is even better! I recently was given a small herb garden in a large metal container which contain tarragon, chives, mint, oregano (which I will dry) and loveage which I have been using them more often than I thought I would.

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