Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Potato Salad

I am not a fan of mayonnaise, which can be a real pain, because it's used in so many recipes, prawn cocktail, potato salad and pre-made sandwiches to highlight a few. It's not the taste I dislike, I just find there is always to much added and overpowers the dish.

So, a friend showed me alternatives and for potato salad and one that I now always use and have done for years. It does contain some mayo, but it is a minority ingredient. Sometimes I don't add mayo at all, but it's not quite as creamy.

New potatoes, cooked and cooled down
Low fat yoghurt

Just mix it all together, being careful not to break the potatoes and once completed sprinkle on some paprika – if you a bit bold try cayenne pepper.

I haven't put the amounts down, as it depends on your preference, but for every 4 teaspoons of yoghurt I use 1 teaspoon of mayo.

I sometimes add other ingredients, like capers or cornichons, but then I guess it's no longer potato salad.


Lyd said...

You might like this greek style one...cypriot/lebanese potatoes...or any you prefer. Boil, dice then add chopped fresh coriander, olive oil and lemon juice, as per your taste. S+P. This is surprisingly creamy but at the same time less heavy than mayo type ones. Nice with grilled meats or greek meatballs.

Donkey said...

sounds great another one to try out and when I do, I'll add it to my blog