Monday, 22 August 2011

Miller and Carter Steakhouse, Bar and Grill Review

It was my mother inlaws birthday and so we had a surprise family meal at the Miller and Carter Steakhouse Bar and Grill in Bexleyheath, Kent. Before I had even got there I wanted to hate this place because we were told we had to leave our table by a certain time and I REALLY hate this. If I am spending my hard earned money in a restaurant I should be able to take as much time as I want and not be made to leave by a certain time.

With that moan over, we walked into a wonderfully converted barn with very high ceilings, which was great because the restaurant was packed and but was not noisy. Within seconds of sitting down we were asked what drinks we wanted, which was perfect in my eyes and then stared at a very extensive menu. It contained all the usual fare, steak, chicken, fish and chips etc and it was a real struggle to choose. I asked our waitress to take my order last as I was still struggling when she came over. Most times when I go to a restaurant there is always something that jumps out but this time I was it was not happening. 

I decided in the end to go for buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese and an American BBQ dip. They where perfectly cooked, and wonderfully moist and the sauce on them was very tangy. The blue cheese dip was tasteless, but the American BBQ sauce more than made up for it. It was sweetly smokey and went very well with the wings. There was also so many of them I had to give one away, not too many though, as they were too tasty to give too many away. My partner had the prawn cocktail, which he said wasn't very good, but he did like the fact it wasn't smothered in to much rose marie sauce.

I followed my wings with a rib eyed steak, chips and peas, which was perfectly cooked. I think it's very hard to cook steaks to people's request as one person's rare maybe different to another person's. I asked for medium rare and that was exactly what I got and it had a great meaty taste as a steak should. The chips were only average and the peas were a bit hard. Out of a group of 11 only 1 person didn't have steak and we all agreed the steaks were very well cooked and tasty. My partner doesn't like steak too much and so ordered the philly melt burger, which was very disappointing. The cheese was flavourless and it didn't come with the flat mushroom as advertised, as you will see from the picture it didn't look very appetising either.

Our waitress, Anne, was brilliant, and was one of the highlights of the restaurant. She was attentive, chatty without being intrusive, smiley and didn't show any attitude when we asked for things slightly different as mentioned on the menu. The restaurant was very busy and she was able to cover our large table as well as her other tables without any detriment to our service. She really deserves a BIG pay rise – no she didn't ask me to say that, haha.

It wasn't the best or worst restaurant I've been to, but it is a great place to have a family dinner and would recommend it for any celebration dinner. But, make sure you can get to keep the table as long as possible and have a great evening.

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