Saturday, 27 August 2011

Livebait - Covent Garden Branch

On Friday (26 February 2011) I went to see the new brilliant Pedro Almodovar film, The Skin I Live In with some friends,Maria and Jeff. We thought it would be great to go to lunch beforehand. So, I went on-line to see what restaurants were available with the Tastecard to get good deal. After a few minutes it was decided that we would go to Livebait as the card would give us 50% off all the food. Livebait webpage

My friends were already there and I ordered the usual gin and tonic and scanned the menu. Jeff always orders oysters and I said it would be great if we chose something different. I suggested that we could share the starters and we agreed to do a meze of seafood. 

We ordered nine oysters, with Tabasco and shallot vinegar, 

scallops with basil and balsamic vinegar, 

whitebait with tzatziki 

and tempura baby squid soy with a lime and chilli dip. 

They were all incredibly well cooked and extremely tasty. The oysters had the wonderful flavour of the sea and for me, had a very hot and a spicy kick as I love Tabasco. The scallops were moist and the basil and balsamic vinegar complimented them perfectly, but we did comment on the roe being missing, which we all love (why do most restaurants remove the roe? They should actually give the customer the choice). The whitebait were not over battered so we got the wonderful flavour of the herring. The tempura squid was a bit disappointing due to too much batter, but went wonderfully well with the soy, lime and chilli dip. We all agreed it was a great way to start the meal and eagerly awaited our main courses.

After about 10 minutes of finishing our starters our mains were delivered. Maria and I both ordered the special, which was a whole sea bream stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and Jeff ordered a whole sea bass, all of which were grilled. Again we all agreed that they had been perfectly cooked, with a crispy skin with the flesh being firm and juicy and it we couldn't fault it. Then we tried the bubble and squeak, and although tasty it was not a bubble and squeak I had ever seen or had. The potatoes were flavoursome but where were the vegetables? The carrot and cabbage pieces were so small that they looked like they had been put in by mistake. 

 As I've said before, why do we get charged an extra £3.75 for a side dish when I am already paying £18 for a main course- restaurants must stop this practice.

In the last two months I have been fortunate to have been to three different seafood restaurants, Loch Fyne, Fishworks and now Livebait. I found Livebait was by far the best, with Fishworks being the most disappointing. Everything in Livebait worked, the staff were attentive and polite, the food absolutely great and the d├ęcor and ambience where in keeping with the restaurant. I'd been to their first restaurant in Waterloo, but that was over 18 years ago. I would highly recommend this branch and I hope you have a great time as we did.

Also with the Tastecard we got a great discount of 50% ,which is available 7 days a week. With £50 taken off the total food bill it shows what a great card this is.

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