Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lamb Burgers with Coriander and Cumin

I said in my last blog entry that I would upload a dish that doesn't take hours to cook and here it is; Lamb Burgers with cumin and coriander.

I am not a fan of fast food burgers and so don't go any where near McDonald's or Burger King. If I do go out for a burger I prefer to go to GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) because they make real burgers and not patties. But you really cannot beat home made burgers and they are so quick and easy to make. There are a lot of different versions on burgers which you can make at home, such as beef and horseradish, but this version is my preferred option.

400g lamb mince (you can also use, chicken, pork, turkey mince – beef doesn't work too well)
1 large onion
1 tsp of ground cumin
½ tsp chilli – optional but it just gives it a little kick
20mg of chopped fresh coriander (roughly a large handful)
Salt and Pepper
Cucumber (sliced)
Tomatoes (sliced)
Processed Cheese – a must! (Of course you can use any cheese you like)
Burger Buns
serves 4 or 2 if greedy

Grate the onion and squeeze out as much liquid as you can. A good way to do this is to put in a clean tea towel and tighten the towel. If you don't squeeze out the liquid the burgers will not bind together.

Put the onion in a bowl, add the lamb, cumin, chilli, fresh coriander, salt and pepper then mix together. This is best done with the hands. Once you have finished mixing divide the mixture into four and then pat into burger shapes – see picture to the right.

Place the burgers into a hot frying pan (use some oil to help the cooking) and fry until done (approximately 20 minutes). Turn the burgers occasionally- use a spatula to push each burger down from time to time to get rid of any excess liquid.

Whilst cooking the burgers, cut the buns in half, add some cucumber and tomatoes, as little or a lot depending on how much you want to put on top of the burgers.

For the last 2 minutes of cooking add a slice of the process cheese on a burger and let it melt.

You can serve these with chips or salad – guess what I had......!

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