Thursday, 4 August 2011

Broken Gate - A Great English Cafe

As I said in my profile I love going anywhere to eat, so, if you are ever near Sudbury Hill Tube Station, on Greenford Road (London UK), you will find my favourite greasy spoon, sorry café, called Broken Gate.

It does all the usual fair of an English café, full English breakfast (served all day naturally), sandwiches, panini's, burgers, chips, scampi, stewed tea (!) and coffee all at a very reasonable prices. They also do 2 course deals for a cheap price, and this is normally chicken curry with rice and chips, or lasagne and chips.

My favourite is their omelette with cheese and mushroom and chips. Today they did not let me down, but I had to decide on whether to have chips or salad. Seeing as I am trying to lose weight I decided to have a salad. Luckily for me though, my friend ordered a cheese salad with a side of chips and so managed to steal a few to make a buttie, which is another favourite! Am I ever going to lose weight?

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