Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Boiled Gammon

I have two very good friends and in the morning we normally send emails to each other. One of these friends is very fortunate to be retired and often sends us emails of what he is having for lunch. I have frequently wanted to leave work and go around to his house because he might be having a delicious chicken casserole, a nice piece of fish, whilst I am at work are having a limp and tasteless sandwich with a packet of crisp.

Yesterday (Monday 22 August) he sent me an email saying that he was having boiled gammon for lunch – which made me salivate because I was hungover and could only handle a Chinese pot noodle (yes I can do trashy food and love Chinese pot noodle – I may write about it in future posts). So I asked him how he boiled the gammon and to send some pictures and here is the results

Gammon (smoked is always best as has more flavour, but high in salt so don't need to add any)
4-5 cloves
4-5 black pepper corns
1 star anise
4-5 coriander seeds
Spring of rosemary
2 bay leaves
sprig of mint
sprig of lovage (optional as not always easy to buy
sprig of tarragon

Boil on a gentle heat for 1-1½ hours and before slicing remove the fat and throw it out for you resident fox. My friend accompanied the gammon with new potatoes, carrots and peas. He also made a parsley sauce, which is basically a white sauce – see link on how to make a white sauce if you need it – and added parsley, some paprika and a few white pepper corns.

As you will see in the last picture, my friend says that you should have a decent glass of claret with the meal. Actually when he says a glass we know he really means a bottle........


Maya said...

I love gammon, and your white sauce sounds perfect for it.

Donkey said...

Thanks, Maya.

I personally have never boiled Gammon, only roasted it or had it cooked by my mum when I was a kid. When my friend emailed me about how he cooked Gammon I thought I had to blog it as it sounded very tasty.I will be trying his version very soon