Wednesday, 17 August 2011

BBC2 - Great British Bake Off

I didn't know this programme existed until I was sent the book and so didn't watch the first series, so decided to see what it was like, to see if I was missing something

I thought Master Chef was a hard to amateur contestants, but that is nothing compared to this programme. I was completely amazed at the skills of these contestants. I can barley cook biscuits, first attempts yesterday, let along cup cakes, battenberg and a tiered cake. Even the person who didn't make the second episode was good, but was soon shown to be inadequate against his other skilled colleagues.

For a witty review read Sam Wallaston at the Guardian.Review
I had a similar view point regarding my not being interested in baking, but seeing as I'm writing a blog about food, I am going to have to get interested. After all, I say I am going to cover all aspects of food. I'm also looking for to learning some more skills, although I pity my other half as he is going to have to put up with a lot of swearing and bad tempers when I get it wrong.

Photograph BBC2 - Paul Hollywood, Mary Bell, Sue and Mel
I am certainly looking forward to watching the rest of the series, which can be found on BBC2 on Tuesday nights at 2000 - or you can watch on BBC's iPlayer.

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