Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Stuffed Lambs Hearts

Stuffed Lambs Hearts

This dish is beginning to become a standard dish, but it's not one to have too often as it's very high in fat. If you have never tried hearts, don't be put off because they a incredibly tasty with a great meaty bit. If you eat liver or kidneys then you will be able to eat hearts, they are not as strong-tasting, and because this dish takes a long time to cook it is very tender.

I'd bought some hearts in the price-reduced section – one of my favourite sections in any supermarket – and although my mum had cooked them before, I hadn't. So I Googled for a recipe and the ones I found where all roughly the same. I picked a recipe and whilst following it, I decided to slightly amend it as I didn't want to throw anything away.

2 lambs hearts
450g packet of sage and onion stuffing
1ltr of stock – I used chicken, but beef would have been fine.
(serves 2)

Preheat the oven to 180C

Make up the stuffing as listed on the packet. I could have made my own, but the packet mixes are just as good. This is afterall just a basic evening meal and not a “special dish”.

Cut away any excess fat and any tubes and place the stuffing inside the hearts (there will be some stuffing left over).

Put the hearts in a casserole dish and pour in the stock. Add the left over stufffing into the casserole dish and then place in the oven.

I cooked the hearts for over three hours, keeping an eye on them and turning down to 160C.

I served them mashed potatoes and some vegtables.

Adding the left over stuffing was not in the original recipe and added great texture and flavour to the dish.

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