Saturday, 16 July 2011

Full Loch Fyne Restaurant Review

When I arrived at the restaurant in Covent Garden, London, my friend was already there and on the table was a chilled bottle of champagne! Trust me that was a first and was the start of a really good lunch.

Unusually both myself and my friend ordered the same starter and main course and so we ordered 12 oysters followed by the special of day- a dish of cod wrapped in parma ham on top of Cornish squid, tomatoes and courgettes.

The oysters were fresh and tasty, though some were a little small and we were given the usual condiments of Tabasco, shallot vinegar and lemon. Unusually they also provided a dressing of oil with chopped red and green chillies. It was nice, but being old school I preferred the shallot vinegar. What I really appreciated was the chef had cut the oysters away from the foot, so they were very easy to eat. They were also very fresh and had the great taste of the sea.

The cod dish was incredibly well cooked. In fact I have never had cod cooked so well, however it was a very small piece. I know cod isn't cheap these days, as it can't be farmed like other fish, but I thought it was a liberty to charge £19 for it! The squid, tomato and courgette was clean and fresh tasting, which complimented the cod, although the sauce was a little salty for me – see previous blog called Salt or not to Salt, regarding my obsession with this seasoning :-)

For a restaurant chain I was pleased to see there was a decent space between the tables, so we couldn't over hear other people's conversations. Also our waiter was polite and friendly without being intrusive. He ensured our glasses where always full, without rushing us to drink more so we would buy another bottle.

I would definetly go back for lunch again and would recommend the restaurant.

Date visited 15 July 2011

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