Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fishworks Restaurant Review

I arrived at the restaurant 10 minutes early, only to find my friend  already there. Good timing -  a Hendricks and tonic arrived! Unfortunately it did not come with cucumber but lime, which is a shame, as Hendricks is so much better with cucumber. On the table was some bread with taramasalata, aioli and salsa verdi, which were very tasty. At first I did not recognise that it was taramasalata because it is normally pink and however what we were served was white. This made me think - why do we add food colouring when it clearly doesn't need it. It's the same with smoked haddock and cod- why dye it yellow? It doesn't do anything to the taste, anyway I digress.

The start of the meal didn't really begin very well, as we requested some more bread for the appetisers, but the waiter brought us everything outlined earlier. We asked why he brought a new portion and he said we requested it, but we would have to pay for it. We had explained we only wanted bread and eventually that's what we got. But by the time it arrived we had almost finished our starters and so no longer needed the bread.

I ordered the Fishworks starter plate, which was a small selection of their popular starters. It comprised of calamari, whitebait, fish cocktail and smoked mackerel pate, all of which were very tasty with the mackerel being the highlight. My friend ordered the razor clams with chilli and garlic butter- I wanted the clams as well but had a bad experience at another restaurant so decided not to. I was so wrong. My friend passed one over to try and it was perfectly cooked and very tender, not tough and chewy like my last experience. I also got a nice little warming from the chilli in the butter, which complimented the clams perfectly.

I followed this Devon ray (which was stingray) with capers and black butter. The fish, was again, very well cooked, nice, moist and was easy to remove off the bones, but was spoiled by being drowned in the black butter. My friend ordered lobster, which he said it had been cooked earlier and then reheated and when you are paying £26 you would expect it to be cooked fresh. My friend guessed it might be previously cooked because when he ordered he was asked if he wanted the lobster hot or cold.

The best part of the restaurant was the staff. Although we had the little hiccup to start with, that was the only thing they got wrong. They were polite, friendly and always smiling and it's nice to have a little banter.

I found the restaurant from the Tastecard website, (see previous post) and was pleased to get 50% discount on the food, because I would have felt a little cheated if I'd paid the full price. I love seafood restaurants and I would try Fishworks again, but will try other places first.

As if to prove my earlier post on the Taste card, we saved £37 on the bill, so even if you bought the card membership at full price, you would have made back over 50% on that one sitting.

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